August 7, 2020

Most Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Trucks are extremely large, and they are also carrying heavy loads, so they can cause a lot of damage during a collision with a smaller vehicle. In order to avoid a collision, a motorist in a vehicle will be able to appropriately stop or slow their vehicle for conditions, but truck driver’s require much more time to avoid collisions. The loads these trucks are transporting also increase the peril because the truck may be carrying dangerous materials. In 2017, 4,889 trucks and buses were involved in crashes where at least one person died.

The following are the most common reasons that trucks are involved in collisions:

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers spend many hours driving, and it can become monotonous for them. They find other things to occupy their minds other than driving, and this is what leads to distracted driving. Truck drivers use their cell phones to make phone calls, read texts and send texts, and they also go to their favorite social media websites. All of these activities increase the probability of a collision.

Driving Over the Speed Limit

Truck drivers are usually on a schedule, so they must deliver their loads at a particular time, but the conditions on the roads can prevent this from happening. For example, the weather may not be cooperating. Under these conditions, it may not be safe to drive at higher speeds, but some truck drivers do because they need to deliver their loads.

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