Reno Car Accident Attorney

Automobile accidents cause thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries every year and carry the potential for both criminal and civil liability. As a victim or as the family of a victim of any type of personal injury, you are entitled to trial by jury and it is the jury who will make a determination as to the amount of damages to which you are entitled.

While the at-fault party’s insurance company may try to settle a claim for some nominal amount it is not advisable to discuss settlement or to provide a statement to any insurance company until such time as you have sought legal advice and representation. DO NOT discuss your accident with anyone without first seeking legal representation. As your Reno car accident attorney, my responsibility is to make sure that your recovery is adequate to compensate you for all monetary damages which you may be entitled to under the applicable statutes, including reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses and property damage related to the incident. The insurance company should also reimburse you for storage and rental car expense until your vehicle has been fully repaired or until property damage settlement is reached. You may also be entitled to lost wages. Keep in mind that it may be prudent to disregard a minor accident if there is minimal damage and no injuries.

Reno Truck Accident Attorney

Semi truck and eighteen wheeler accidents present unique issues that are not usually associated with motor vehicle accidents. These differences include:

  • Greater likelihood of serious injuries or deaths
  • Insurance coverage
  • Licensing compliance and regulatory compliance
  • Negligent hiring and supervision claims
  • Negligent maintenance claims

Proving liability in trucking accidents is more complex than in a car crashes and very likely will require experts to help reconstruct the accident scene and establish liability. My firm has complete access to these types of experts, and many times their testimony makes the difference in our winning your case.

Like all the cases I take, semi-truck accident cases are handled on a contingency basis with no obligation or fee for the first consultation. Contact Stephen Osborne, your Reno Nevada personal injury attorney, to discuss the specifics of your case.

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