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Products liability cases are cases which hold the designers, manufacturers, sellers, and suppliers of a defective product liable for the injuries and damages caused to a person who was properly using the product.  For example, imagine a person who was operating a car properly on the street. Their wheel is defectively manufactured and suddenly explodes, causing the car to rollover and severe injuries to the driver.  Or, the back of his seat collapses, and he breaks his neck, making him a quadriplegic.  Another example is the failure of medical devices after a spinal surgery. In these horrible cases, there is the potential for showing that the product was improperly manufactured and that manufacturing defect is what caused the catastrophic injury – as opposed to your basic “whiplash” injury from the rear-end accident.   This would be a “Products Liability” case and it could include causes of action for strict liability, breach of warranty, negligence, manufacturing defects, design defects, and breach of the duty to warn of the danger.

All too often, corporate greed places consumer product sales and profits above consumer safety. Many serious injuries could be avoided if product manufacturers and distributors took appropriate steps to ensure consumer safety.

Whether dealing with a manufacturing defect, a design defect, or where a product is unreasonably dangerous because of inadequate instructions or warnings, these are important cases because they help society in a number of ways. First, the victims of such injuries obtain compensation for their injuries and suffering. Secondly, and arguably just as important, they put the manufacturers on notice so that these defects can be remedied and future injuries can be avoided.

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