A traumatic amputation will change your life forever. Indeed, it will force you to change your entire way and mode of life. It is usually the result of a severe accident. Your body part is torn off because of violent contact with a sharp object or some other exceptionally powerful force. Fingers, hands, arms, and legs are the most common body parts amputated. Accidents with farm equipment, factory accidents, motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters, war wounds, and terrorist attacks are the most common causes of traumatic amputations.

What You Might Regain After a Partial Amputation

Partial traumatic amputations often lead to full amputations. This happens when the physicians who treat you are forced to remove one of your body parts in order to save your life. But there are other possible treatments and outcomes.

If a body part that is only partially amputated is well-preserved after the injury, it may be possible to reattach it to the stump. This would require the stump to be well-tended as well. In many instances, enough soft tissue remains after the part has been ripped off, which makes reattachment possible.

Advances in medicine have made reattachment a more frequent and successful treatment for traumatic amputation. There has been an improved understanding of how to manage amputation. New techniques in surgery and early critical care have also helped. Advances in care and rehabilitation after reattachment have significantly reduced the rate of infections after such work.

Competence is Vital

The physician who treats you for a traumatic amputation must be competent to do the job. If there is a chance to save your body part, then you should be cared for by someone with the experience and expertise to properly care for you. Dealing properly with a traumatic amputation significantly affects the outcome. You need to be taken under the care of a physician who will know how to deal with your shock and bleeding. They must also know how to prevent infection or to treat an amputated wound that has become infected.

Holding People Accountable and Getting The Loss of Limb Compensation You Need

If you were in an accident that caused a traumatic amputation, and you believe another person was at fault, then you should seek loss of limb compensation from them. Hiring a Reno personal injury lawyer is your first and most important step in obtaining a loss of limb settlement. A Reno personal injury attorney will provide you with the guidance and insight you need to build a case against the person whose recklessness and negligence robbed you of the life you had and help you get the loss of limb payment you need in order to recover.

Amputation surgery severs all the varied tissues of the limb. Each tissue must heal in its own particular manner, and the knowledgeable surgeon considers each tissue’s unique role as he or she plots a reconstructive course. This careful calculation is essential to create the most functional residual limb possible. Limb loss is not only a major physical and functional loss; it also presents the patient with a matchless psychological and emotional situation. Our limbs are a major part not only of our physical being, but also of our body image and our self-image. Losing a limb will forever alter all these aspects of the amputee’s life. Even if only a portion of the limb is removed, the brain will still perceive sensations, movement and even pain in the tissues no longer physically present.

Your personal injury attorney in Reno, Nevada must prove the negligence of the person or entity that caused the accident, that the accident caused your traumatic amputation, and that you are therefore entitled to a certain amount of money in compensation.

The personal injury law firm Reno, Nevada you hire will gather the evidence necessary to prove your case. Your accident lawyer Reno, Nevada will bring in a private investigation professional to get any video footage of the scene of the accident and find the people who witnessed the accident. Your accident attorney in Reno, Nevada will also bring in independent medical experts to explain the nature of your injury and its debilitating effects.

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