Case Results


Negligence Case – Jury Verdict

A prescribed burn jumped its unmanned control burn lines as a consequence of forecasted high winds pushing down slope into a residential area where it destroyed 23 homes and 17 outbuildings before it could be contained. The jury found defendants to be grossly negligent for their misconduct. The impact of this wildland fire was catastrophic upon the nearby residents. The $25 Million Dollars in damages compensated the victims for the burned down homes, damages to vegetation and timber, outbuildings, grazing lands, barns, machinery, stacked hay, cow/calf operations, and most notably, many residents escaped with nothing but their night clothes and watched as 50-60 years of lifetime memories were turned to ash.

$4.4 Million

Medical Malpractice Case

This is a tragic case where the Defendants delayed the diagnosis and treatment of SIRS and sepsis. The multiple failures included a failure to properly triage the patient, failure to have a pediatric sepsis protocol, failure to recognize SIRS/sepsis, and failure to initiate standardized nursing and medical sepsis bundles and protocols. Appropriate care would have completely avoided the catastrophic outcome that forever changed this boy’s and his family’s lives.

$4.65 Million

Motor Vehicle Accident

The Defendant drove his vehicle onto the highway shoulder where he overcorrected, causing his vehicle to uncontrollably rotate across the centerline and into the opposite travel lanes. The Defendant’s vehicle violently struck the front of a Ford Excursion at approximately 55-60 miles per hour. The collision caused extensive injuries to the Plaintiff including 1) multiple right-sided rib fractures and thoracic spine fractures; 2) retrosternal hematoma; 3) grade III splenic lacerations; 4) possible venous injury at the level of the left subclavian and internal jugular confluence; and 5)lumbar spine L5 and S1 facet fractures. This case settled after years of litigation just prior to trial.

$3.36 Million

Airplane Negligence Case

Our Client was a passenger in a Piper Cub Airplane when the pilot “buzzed” another plane. The plane fell from approximately 150’ and burst into flames. The Plaintiff endured extensive burns to his face, legs and hands. He persisted through indescribable pain, scarring, disfigurement, and depression.

$2.30 Million

Motor Vehicle Accident

A motor vehicle collision where our client stopped for a stalled motorcycle.  The driver behind him did not stop and rearended him at approximately 32-33 miles per hour at impact without breaking. The black box was downloaded and demonstrated a force of 5Gs with our client’s vehicle fully stopped, which caused herniated discs in his neck and low back.

$2.35 Million

Medical Malpractice Case

This was a completely preventable case involving group B streptococcus (GBS). Asymptomatic carriage of GBS is common in women, especially in the vaginal and rectal areas. The mother was a carrier of GBS and passed the infection onto her son during a vaginal birth. Unknown to the medical staff due to their failure to conduct a simple swab test. Her son was completely healthy but developed the serious early onset infection of neonatal sepsis and its unfortunate sequalae, including severe neurological complications and cerebral palsy.

$2.0 Million

Medical Malpractice Case

Our client had a kidney stone and was discharged the day prior. Our client returned to the hospital and sat “zombie-like”, in pain, pale, sweating, confused, lethargic, and vomiting/dry heaving in the waiting room for over 2 ½ hours and was not physically assessed by anyone. When finally examined by a physician, she had shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, critically low blood pressure (hypotension), dehydration, SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome), acute kidney injury and was ultimately diagnosed with urosepsis and respiratory failure. In life-saving treatment for the shock, dehydration and hypotension, rapid administration of IV fluids and vasopressors were required and her legs and arms became necrotic requiring multiple amputations.

$1.7 Million

Medical Malpractice Case

This case is about a failure to recognize, diagnose, and refer an infant with obstructive hydrocephalus which subsequently caused brain compression, brain herniation, brain injury with resultant cerebral palsy. After defeating multiple motions to dismiss and litigating this matter for years, this case resolved.

$1.275 Million

Motor Vehicle Accident

The Defendant rented a Ryder box truck and pulled the truck over stopping on the shoulder to check the address. Our client was traveling at the posted speed limit of 50 mph. As our client approached, the Ryder truck suddenly attempted to make an illegal u-turn across the west lanes and just in front of our client blocking both lanes. Our client attempted to avoid the collision by heavily applying the brakes, but the vehicles collided with a substantial impact. The collision caused significant disc herniation, which resulted in unsuccessful pain management followed by surgery.

$1.25 Million

Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was traveling down South Virginia Street with a green light. The Defendant looked left-then right (he did not look back to left and is blind in his left eye) and started to accelerate. Our client had already cleared the intersection when the Defendant pulled out in front of our client, causing a massive collision and our client’s vehicle to run off the roadway and crash into a fence on the west roadside. (See Ex. 1 Photos) The collision caused a traumatic brain injury as well as herniated discs in her neck that resulted in cervical spine surgery (C5-C7 ACDF).

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