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When I started practicing law in 1992, I made a commitment to help people, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing ever since. And while I handle all kinds of cases large and small, I focus on those who need my help the most – those with catastrophic damages.

But no matter the severity of the injury or damages, I handle every case personally and thoroughly. I believe clients deserve legal representation from someone who is experienced and committed to helping them. It’s what sets me apart from larger firms, and it lets me make law personal again.


I handle every case personally and have achieved a reputation for success in jury verdicts and settlements in Nevada in a wide range of cases including birth injuries, wrongful death, defective and dangerous products, premises liability, airplane crash litigation, automobile and trucking collisions, nursing home negligence, insurance bad faith and medical malpractice.

While the emphasis is on litigation of catastrophic damage cases involving brain injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia, disability and wrongful death, I always offer a Free Consultation regardless of the severity of injury.

If you have suffered damages or been injured, please seek medical help immediately. When you are well enough, contact me for a free consultation. I’ll make sure the law is personal for you.

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At the Law Office of Stephen H. Osborne, we take on the most complicated accident and injury cases, and win. What type of injury lawyer do you need?