March 31, 2023
Medical care does not always lead to a positive health outcome. Sometimes a patient’s condition worsens, leading to the harm described, even when the healthcare provider does everything expected of him or her, acting perfectly in accordance with the standard of care required. Dissatisfaction with the outcome does not suggest malpractice. Medical errors are only malpractice when there is negligence that causes harm, injury, or wrongful death, leading to legal damages.
Doctor examining a young female patient's x-ray
November 20, 2022
A hospital-acquired infection, also known as a healthcare-associated or nosocomial infection, is an infection you develop in a hospital environment and is not related to your original diagnosis or illness. You can acquire the infection in many different ways. You could get it during a quick hospital visit, outpatient procedure, or after days of exposure during a prolonged hospital stay.
Can you sue for hospital acquired infections
October 28, 2022
In a civil wrongful death case, to be awarded damages, the plaintiff must provide evidence that proves that the action or inaction of the defendant is more than likely the cause of the death. This is different from a criminal court, where defendants have to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If the plaintiff can provide enough proof to show that the defendant is liable, then he or she will have a high chance of winning his or her case.
a person on a table with white sheet covering him and a tag on his toe
September 30, 2022
Bad faith insurance is when an insurer fails to comply with its implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing to customers by refusing to pay a policyholder's valid claim. When an insurance company is determined to have acted in bad faith, they are typically obliged to pay you both what they should have provided you with in the first place and potentially thousands of dollars in fines to make up for the legal fees and difficulty they caused you. 
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