Car accidents are responsible for many different types of injuries every year. Some people who were involved in a minor accident are unaware of the importance of following certain steps to ensure that they get compensated for any injuries that might have been caused by the traumatic event. Learn how minor accidents can still cause significant injuries according to a respected accident lawyer Reno, Nevada based.

Accident Attorneys Say Whiplash Is the Most Common Car Accident Injury

Some accident victims refuse immediate medical care because they do not feel that they were injured badly enough. When they hear the term “whiplash”, many people feel that they have a minor injury.

According to Mayo Clinic, Whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, like the cracking of a whip. More recent studies investigating high-speed cameras and sophisticated crash dummies have determined that after the rear impact, the lower cervical vertebrae (lower bones in the neck) are forced into a position of hyperextension while the upper cervical vertebrae (upper bones in the neck) are in a hyper-flexed position. This leads to an abnormal S-shape in the cervical spine after the rear impact that is different from the normal motion. This abnormal and forceful motion can cause damage to the soft tissues that hold the cervical vertebrae together (ligaments, facet capsules, muscles) as well as the discs.

Whiplash and other injuries, and brain and back issues often do not show symptoms until hours or days after the accidental event. This delays treatment and delays a proper legal investigation that can affect legal attempts to file for compensation later.

Common Symptoms of Whiplash

Look for pain, soreness, and/or difficulty moving following an accident. Back/neck pain, headaches, confusion, or memory loss may also occur states an accident attorney in Reno, NV.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) & Head Injuries Are Serious Matters

Many victims of car accidents neglect to fully understand that they may be experiencing a mild or more serious head or brain injury. Concussions and other closed head injuries are common injuries seen after motor vehicle accidents, both serious and minor.

Sometimes, the impact of the collision causes a traumatic brain injury called a TBI. These are difficult to diagnose at first, but any of these head and brain injuries can be a serious matter and should be treated as soon after the accident as possible explains a knowledgeable Reno personal injury lawyer.

Some Important Things to Know About Head & Brain Injuries

Head or brain injuries can occur during even minor car accidents. Signs and symptoms may not readily be apparent soon after the accidental event. All TBIs are serious! The term Mild TBI is often associated with a forceful back-and-forth motion that causes whiplash. A Reno personal injury attorney cautions that TBI and concussion head injuries can cause ongoing serious disabilities.

The victim does not always faint or lose consciousness with a concussion, and post-concussion syndrome may develop lasting weeks, months, and even years, causing a wide range of symptoms that may not be accurately diagnosed at first.

Victims of Car Accidents Should be Checked for Back/Spinal Injuries

Another often neglected injury that can occur in even mild or minor car accidents is a back or spinal injury, such as a herniated disc injury. The human spine is made up of small vertebrae, which are bony structures that are connected to spinal nerves and cushioned discs.

The force of an accident may cause serious pressure upon these softer structures, causing the interior cushiony material in the spaces between these discs to swell and herniate outwards. This can cause serious damage if not treated correctly before more damage is done.

All victims of car accidents should be thoroughly assessed by a medical doctor to rule out a herniated disc or other back or spinal injury. Victims should also call a personal injury attorney Reno NV located to ensure that their legal compensation rights are protected under law.

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