Reno ruck accident lawyer Stephen Osborne helps trucking accident victims recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Trucking accidents frequently involve severe injuries and multiple liable parties. Because of the many laws that apply to commercial truck accidents and the web of legal options that may be available to help you recover, you need the Law Office of Stephen H. Osborne on your side. Call today to begin working with a dedicated personal injury attorney.

What Are the Leading Causes of Truck Accidents?

The most common causes of trucking accidents typically involve human error. Distracted or impaired driving, speeding, inexperience, poor judgment, and failure to obey traffic rules are some of the factors that commonly contribute to accidents. Truck accident lawyer Stephen H. Osborne is familiar with these types of cases in Reno and the surrounding areas and knows how to uncover evidence that other truck accident attorneys often miss. He has successfully handled truck accident claims and lawsuits involving:

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers are on the road for hours at a stretch. When boredom kicks in, drivers may look to cure this by texting, going on social media, calling friends or family, eating or drinking behind the wheel, or even listening to the radio loudly. Distracted driving like this can lead to deadly accidents.

Impaired/Fatigued Driving

Driving for long hours to meet time deadlines can lead to fatigued driving. The pressure to get the load to the destination in a short period of time can lead truck drivers to exceed the number of hours they are allowed to drive per day, impairing their ability to drive safely.


Commercial truck drivers are under pressure to deliver the load. These sometimes-tight deadlines can cause trucker drivers to speed down the highway to gain headway and stay on schedule. Accidents can occur because the heavy load on the truck makes it difficult to stop, especially if the trucker is speeding.


Inexperienced truck drivers may not be equipped with the technical skill and experience to maneuver a commercial truck. This can lead to rollovers, for example, due to improper technique when turning. With a high demand for truck drivers to deliver goods, trucking companies may cut corners when hiring.

Failure to Obey Traffic Rules/Poor Judgement

Many trucking accidents happen when truck drivers exercise poor judgement on the road, such as by repeatedly changing lanes, cutting off other vehicles, and failing to use turn signals to give cars notice and time to move out of the truck’s blind spot.

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What Damages Can a Truck Accident Attorney Help Recover?

Truck accident attorney Stephen Osborne can help you recover economic, non-economic, and, if appropriate, punitive damages if you were severely injured in a Reno crash. The amount and type of recovery that you receive depends on the severity and nature of your injuries, the amount of your lost wages, your medical bills, and more. Taking the proper steps after a truck accident can help ensure that your right to recover damages is preserved. Contact us for a free case evaluation to find out how much your case is worth.

Economic Damages

Economic damages compensate you for the financial hardships you are experiencing and expect to experience in the future because of your truck accident. Economic damages include, but are not limited to, lost wages, loss of earning potential, hospital bills, medical costs (e.g., for prescriptions or medical devices), and reimbursement for expenses incurred because of the accident. If, for example, you have become disabled and need to modify your home because of the accident, you may be entitled to recover the cost of renovations for the home.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are monetary awards that serve to “make you whole” by compensating you for the invisible, human cost of the truck accident. Non-economic damages include compensation for pain and suffering, and mental anguish that you and your family have endured because of the truck accident. Parents, spouses, and minor children, may also be eligible for “loss of consortium.” Loss of consortium addresses the loss of services, society, comfort, and companionship truck accident victims are forced to endure.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages serve to punish the wrongdoer for what he or she has done, and to deter others from committing the same or a similar wrong in the future. Punitive damages may be appropriate where the defendant committed an intentional or reckless act, and that act caused the plaintiff’s injury. For example, if the defendant, a truck driver, was speeding and drove the commercial truck while under the influence of drugs or intoxicated, then punitive damages may be appropriate.

Who Is Liable for My Truck Accident?


  • Truck driver
  • Manufacturer
  • Commercial trucking company
  • Motorist

The Most Common Types of Truck Accidents

  • Jackknife – Jackknife accidents are where the truck’s trailer swings around to a 90-degree angle with the cabin of the truck.
  • Truck Rollover – Trucks have a higher center of gravity, which increases the odds of a rollover accident occurring.
  • Tire Blowout – A blown-out tire can cause the truck driver to swerve and lose control of the vehicle.
  • Wide Turn – If a turn is taken too wide or not wide enough, then the truck may cause a collision.
  • Under ride – Under ride accidents occur when a smaller vehicle gets lodged underneath a truck. This type of accident is commonly fatal.
  • Lost Load – Lost loads can cause dangerous driving conditions, resulting in multi-car collisions or explosions if the truck is transporting flammable liquids.

What Are the Most Common Injuries for Truck Accident Victims?

The most common injuries associated with truck accidents include severed limbs, spinal cord injury, brain injury, injury to internal organs, broken bones, and wrongful death. Due to the size and weight of commercial trucks (such as big rigs, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers), the accidents tend to cause more severe personal injuries and property damage.

Truck accident injuries are often severe, resulting in extended hospital stays and costly medical care. Our Reno truck accident lawyers can help you recoup these costs. Call today to begin working with our team.