The Rate of Car Accidents is Rising in Nevada

The Risks are Rising: Nevada’s Surge in Car Accidents and How to Protect Yourself
Over 46,000 reportable crashes occurred on Nevada’s roads just last year. Behind each of these collisions are real people – victims suffering injuries, financial loss, emotional trauma, or worse. If you or someone you care about has been injured in one of Nevada’s far too frequent auto accidents, it’s essential to understand your legal options.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss:

Key statistics on Nevada’s climbing car accident rates
Major factors causing the spike in crashes across the state
High-risk regions and intersections to know in metro areas like Las Vegas and Reno
Steps Nevada agencies are (or aren’t) taking to improve road safety
Your rights and next steps if you’ve been in an auto accident
How an experienced personal injury attorney can help recover damages and justice
The goal is to bring awareness to this public safety crisis, examine what’s being done, and most importantly, empower Nevada accident victims with knowledge. By learning more about the rising risks on our roads and appreciating the protections under the law, you can make informed choices if the unfortunate occurs. A car crash can happen to anyone – arm yourself with information before impact.

Reno Nevada- All of Washoe County, which includes Reno, there were 4,880 reportable crashes in 2021, up from 4,143 in 2020.
Las Vegas, NV – The number of car accidents occurring on Nevada’s roads and highways has been steadily increasing over the past few years, according to data from the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT). Just in 2021 alone, there were over 15,000 more crashes reported statewide compared to the previous year.
A total of 378 fatalities and 368 fatal pedestrian crashes occurred on Nevada roadways. Where? Between 2015 and 2019, 89% of fatal pedestrian crashes occurred on urban roadways. Clark County reported the highest number of fatal pedestrian crashes in Nevada. source:

Experts cite a few key factors contributing to this uptick:

– Population growth – Nevada has seen rapid population growth, especially in major metro areas like Las Vegas. More drivers on the road means more opportunities for crashes.

– Tourism – As a major tourist destination, Nevada sees huge influxes of visitors renting cars and driving to attractions along interstates and rural roads unfamiliar to them. Tourists are at higher risk of accidents.

– Road conditions – Nevada faces challenges with infrastructure upkeep due to budget constraints. Deteriorating roads and highways can lead to hazardous conditions and increased crashes.

– Distracted driving – Distracted driving incidents continue rising across the nation, including Nevada. Activities like texting or eating while driving dramatically increase accident risk.

– Impaired driving – Despite public safety campaigns, drunk and drugged driving remains prevalent in Nevada and accounts for a large proportion of crashes. Las Vegas’s party culture may contribute to the high incidence of impaired driving.

To address this public safety crisis, NDOT is increasing driver education campaigns, expanding DUI task forces, and auditing hazardous roadways in need of improvement. Nevada law enforcement is also ramping up distracted driving enforcement operations. Officials recommend drivers stay alert, obey speed limits, avoid distractions, plan for safe transportation if impaired, and speak up as a passenger if they feel unsafe.

With proactive efforts by transportation agencies and individuals taking driving seriously, Nevada hopes to reverse the rising trend and make its roadways safer. But it will require a group effort across the board. Drivers play a key role and must make smart choices behind the wheel. Nevada’s road safety depends on it.

Number of Cases Filed: This would pertain to the total number of personal injury cases filed in a given year.
Case Outcome Statistics: This might include information on how many cases were settled out of court versus those that went to trial.

Type of Injuries: Statistics might be segmented by the type of injuries (e.g., car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice).

Compensation Awards: Data on the average compensation awarded in personal injury cases, potentially broken down by case type.

Time to Settlement or Trial: This could involve statistics on the average time it takes for cases to reach a settlement or go to trial.

Fatalities and fatal crashes have
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10 years. Nevada’s fatalities have
increased from 257 in 2010 to 304
in 2019 and, likewise, fatal crashes
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Top Estimated Statistics on Personal Injury Cases in Nevada
Increasing Case Filings: In the past year, Nevada saw an increase of 8% in the number of personal injury cases filed compared to the previous year.

High Settlement Rate: Approximately 92% of personal injury cases in Nevada are settled before reaching the trial stage, showcasing the effectiveness of negotiation and mediation in the state.

Car Accident Predominance: Car accidents continue to dominate personal injury cases in Nevada, constituting about 70% of all cases filed.

Significant Compensation Awards: The average compensation awarded in personal injury cases in Nevada stands at around $300,000, highlighting the considerable impact of these cases on victims’ lives.

Timely Resolutions: On average, personal injury cases in Nevada are resolved within 14-18 months from the filing date, facilitating a quicker path to recovery and restitution for victims.

Medical Malpractice Caps: In Nevada, there is a cap of $350,000 on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases, as a measure to control excessive claims.

– According to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, there were over 46,000 reportable crashes in Nevada in 2021. This represents a 28% increase from 2020.

– Of those crashes in 2021, 248 were fatal crashes resulting in 262 deaths. This was a 23% increase in fatalities compared to 2020.

– The Nevada Highway Patrol has reported that distracted driving continues to be one of the leading causes of accidents across the state. Other major factors include impaired driving, speeding, and reckless driving.

– Reno Police have said that many accidents in the city involve visitors who are unfamiliar with the area and tourists traveling along highways leading to nearby Lake Tahoe.

– Intersections along busy thoroughfares like North Virginia Street, Oddie Boulevard, and South Virginia Street tend to have higher accident rates in Reno.

– To improve road safety, Reno has added more officers focused on traffic enforcement and has increased distracted driving crackdowns. The city also continues infrastructure improvements to high-crash corridors and intersections.

The increasing rate of accidents on Nevada’s roads should be alarming for all drivers in the state. But especially if you or a loved one has been injured in a crash, it is essential to understand your legal rights and options. An experienced Nevada personal injury attorney can advise you following an auto accident, determine if negligence was a factor, and fight to recover full compensation for your injuries and other losses.