Defective tires made in China are the subject of numerous defective product lawsuits, filed by people who allege that, having purchased the tires, they are unsafe and have resulted in personal injury and wrongful death.

Numerous brands of tires made in China have either been the subject of recalls or investigations. Brands that have been recalled for alleged safety defects include Westlake Tires, AKS Tires, Telluride tires and Compass Tires. These brands are all made by the China-based Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company and all lack the most basic of tire safety features, such as bead wedges and cap plies, which are state-of-the-art in the tire industry today.

The Sailun S825, a medium truck tire, has also allegedly been found to fail, causing injury and death. In one incident in North Carolina, a truck driver suffered a disabling injury when the S825 failed on the truck he was driving for his employer.

The defective S825 tires proved fatal for a retired military man in Mississippi who was driving a truck when the wheel separated, causing the vehicle to become uncontrollable.

There are cases currently pending against Sailun, resulting from injuries caused by the defective S825 tires, which have not been recalled.

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