No one deserves to become paralyzed under any circumstances, and certainly not because someone else was irresponsible or broke the law around them. If you have nevertheless been harmed in this way through another person’s misconduct, you may have important legal options at your disposal which, if proactively and effectively enforced, could make a significant difference in your financial security and overall quality of life moving forward.

Filing a suit over a paralyzing injury can be challenging on both legal and personal levels, and guidance from a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney is key to overcoming both types of obstacles. From start to finish of your legal proceedings, your compassionate Reno paralysis injury lawyer could fight tirelessly to get you paid everything you deserve for the harm you should never have sustained in the first place.

How Can Traumatic Accidents Cause Paralysis?

In medical terms, paralysis stems from one or more parts of the central nervous system being cut off from communicating with the brain, leading to a loss of sensation and motor function in the body part(s) those nerve endings are located within. Since the “spinal cord” within the spine’s vertebrae is the main pathway that sensory signals to and from the brain travel along inside the body, the most common cause of paralysis in medical terms is a tear or separation of the spinal cord. However, paralysis can also stem from severe brain trauma, certain types of medical conditions like strokes, or localized nerve damage caused by a high-degree burn or a penetrating injury.

Different types of trauma may cause paralysis to manifest in different ways, such as:

  • Paraplegia of the whole body below the waist
  • Quadriplegia of the whole body below the neck
  • Hemiplegia of the entire left or entire right side of the body, divided vertically
  • Monoplegia of a single limb

A Reno paralysis injury attorney could help demand comprehensive compensation for the specific losses caused by a particular type of paralysis, including things like medical bills, lost working ability, and physical and psychological suffering.

Holding Someone Else Liable for a Paralyzing Injury

As is the case with many other types of injuries, car crashes are the most common cause of paralyzing injuries in Nevada and throughout the United States. However, this sort of harm also commonly stems from accidental falls caused by unreasonably dangerous property conditions, negligent supervision of sporting events, and sometimes even failure by a healthcare provider to meet an applicable “standard of care” while treating a patient.

What all these scenarios have in common—and what could make them valid grounds for a personal injury lawsuit—is the presence of “negligence” by someone involved. Building a strong case incorporating all available evidence to show that someone else paralyzed you by violating a “duty” or “standard” they had a legal obligation to meet is one of many things a knowledgeable paralysis injury lawyer in Reno can provide crucial help with.

Let a Reno Paralysis Injury Attorney Help

Paralysis invariably affects every part of your life, and it almost always lasts for the rest of your natural life as well. It is understandable when dealing with an injury this severe to feel that financial compensation alone is a poor remedy for the trauma you have suffered, but it is also the only remedy that civil law can practically provide, and it can be key to minimizing the short-term and long-term losses your injury will lead to.

A Reno paralysis injury lawyer could explain your rights and possible civil recovery options in more detail during a confidential consultation. Call today to schedule yours.